Solid/Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

Material Profile

Available Profile Plain, Embossed, UTR & FLW Series
Available Thickness 1mm to 12mm
Available Width 1212mm to 2100mm
Available Length Upon Request
Available Colour Clear, Green, Bronze, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Silver
Manufacturing Tolerances Overall Gauge ± 0.02mm


Sample Profile

Solid Polycarbonate SheetEmbossed Polycarbonate SheetEmbossed Polycarbonate SheetSolid Polycarbonate Sheet
Solid and Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets
Typical Properties Units Values Standard
Tensile Strength MPa 62 ASTM D638
Light Transmission % 60 ~ 86 ASTM D1003
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.2 ASTM D792
Water Absorption % 0.15 ASTM D648
Deflection Temperature ºC 132 ASTM D648
Thermal Conductivity W/M2 X ºC 0.19 ASTM C177
Rockwell Hardness HRR 118 ASTM D785
Flexural Stress MPa 98 ASTM D790
Flame Class Rating (3) Mm 0.8 UL94


Sample Project References

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