Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

A cost effective alternative to solid polycarbonate sheet, Hollow polycarbonate sheet provides similar features and benefits. It has high light transmission and thermal insulation, both of which allow for cost savings due to lesser need for artificial light.



Available Profile:                 Twin-wall, Triple-wall, Multi-wall

Available Thickness:           6mm, 10mm, 16mm

Available Width:                  1,220mm, 2,100mm

Available Length:                Up to 12,200mm

Available Colour:                 Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue.

Manufacturing Tolerance: Overall Gauge ± 0.02mm


1. High Impact Resistance

This is one key feature which is most sought for by a number of engineers and designers. Generally, all polycarbonate products are flexible hence, a reason why they have a high degree of impact resistance.

2. Flame resistance

These materials flame-resistant, which are rated class HB. Most of them can only ignite at a temperature 630°C. The good thing about polycarbonate panels is that they are self-extinguishing. This implies that even if it ignites at 630°C, the fire cannot spread.

3. Light weight

The hollow polycarbonate panel is just 1/8 the weight of glass with the same thickness. It is self-supporting and do not require extensive structural support. Therefore it can save building and labour costs greatly.

4. Weather resistance

The hollow polycarbonate panels have superior weather capability. They can be used in both outdoor and indoor construction. Also, they are treated to withstand abrasion and the ever fluctuating environmental conditions.

5. Easy Installation

The hollow polycarbonate panel is highly flexible. It can be cold formed to many bending radius and can be fabricated on site to precise dimensions.

6. Light transmission

They possess excellent light transmission properties. However, the degree of transmission depends on the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet. These sheets are available in a wide range of thickness and gauges.


Hollow Twin-wall

Hollow Triple-wall

Hollow Triple-wall

Hollow Multi-wall

Hollow Multi-wall