The 9 Advantages of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse over a Glass One

Polycarbonate Greenhouse The 9 Advantages of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse over a Glass One

1: Better Insulation

Perhaps the most important aspect of polycarbonate is that it provides your greenhouse with better insulation properties than a regular, glass greenhouse. Plastic has better heat retention properties than glass, and less heat is lost through the roof of a polycarbonate greenhouse than a glass one. This means that overall, polycarbonate greenhouses have a higher average temperature than traditional greenhouses

This improved heat retention is key for the overall performance and effectiveness of a greenhouse.

2: Longer Lasting

The special characteristics of polycarbonate also include its ability to withstand better over time. The material is also stronger than glass, meaning that it can take a lot of damage before it gives way. This also makes it easier to handle. Gardeners and farmers tend to find it easier to replace a broken plastic sheet than a glass one.

Glass requires a lot of attention and skill, therefore is usually done by contractors. If you own a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can carry out these repairs all by yourself, without worry about smashing the panel as your install it.

3: Shatter-resistant

Unlike glass, plastic can withstand impacts from footballs, hailstone and even rocks, all without breaking or displaying other signs of damage. This is ideal if you have children or grandchildren that love to play ball games in the garden

4: Better Light Diffusion and UV Protection

Since plastic is thicker than glass, it provides better light diffusion, which means that light will be spread more evenly throughout the greenhouse. This is of great advantage to growing plants, as all areas within the structure are illuminated, not just those at the centre.

In many greenhouses, polycarbonate covers would eliminate the need to move plants above or to use artificial lighting to eliminate the faults of glass greenhouses. Additionally, polycarbonate is a natural ultraviolet filter, meaning that it protects your plants from excessive exposure to these harmful radiations.

5: Extended Growing Season

The benefits of polycarbonate greenhouses have a significant impact on the overall performance of the greenhouse, leading directly to a prolonged growing season. This allows you to get more out of your plants and vegetables. Extended growing season will allow you to harvest more vegetables or fruits for every pound you invested, or to sell more produce, if you are growing them for commercial purposes.

This also means the you require less artificial heating; saving electricity and money.

6: More Shapes and Sizes Available

An additional benefit to consider is that polycarbonate greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes. Some retailers even provide modular designs, which can be extended or reduced depending on your needs. Given the high number of offers available today, you are sure to find a plastic-covered greenhouse that will meet very specific demands for quality and size. A modular design will enable you to fit such a structure anywhere in your garden, regardless of how big or small it is.

7: Quicker Installation

Another significant advantage is that plastic greenhouses can be installed relatively quickly. If you are interested in doing things by yourself, it would generally take you and a friend less than a day to assemble a regular-size polycarbonate greenhouse. A similar sized glass greenhouse would require much more time and effort as assembly is a much more delicate process.

8: Cheaper To Buy

In the past, polycarbonate greenhouses used to be very expensive and looked very bad. Since then basic prices start much lower and their appearance has improved considerably. This is largely due to scientific advancements in refining the chemical process through which plastic is made.

9: More Customisable Frame

Generally speaking, polycarbonate greenhouses have a wooden frame and glass greenhouses have a metal frame. Wooden frames require paint and treatment, allowing you to decorate and customise the appearance of the greenhouse. Metal frames come treated and remain the same colour and style.


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